Our vocation

Pro-confort, based in Geneva (Switzerland), works with the elite of the international equestrian world, in all areas of top level horse riding: show jumping, dressage, reining, combined driving, cross, polo, racing, and more.
Our range of horse-riding equipment contributes to the achievements of multiple-win champions and promising athletes. In addition Pro-confort develops orthopaedic saddlery equipment to enable rider and horse to give their best.


Our expertise

Made from natural, breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-mite foam, our Topaze stable  bandages  and stable blankets protect the horse, while ensuring its well-being and comfort:
Prevention of skin infections, tendon and ligament inflammations and swelling
Elimination of the effects of damaging pressure on the withers which provides improved blood circulation and therefore a better evacuation of lactic acid and quicker muscle relaxation.
Improves thermoregulation on body and limbs
No memory foam involved in our products!


Pro-confort products

Offering genuine support for ligaments and tendons, our Topaze stable bandages  are for use during resting periods, before and after strenuous exercise. Their featured design saves time to secure them in place.
  • Our stable blankets adapts to every movement of the shoulders and neck of the horse and relieves any harmful pressure.
  • Our branded saddle mats protect the horse’s back from saddle friction.
  • Pro-confort, expert in horse biomechanics, also provides its know-how to dog owners. Our orthopaedic dog baskets provide muscle and joint relief for all dogs, particularly old animals, suffering from arthritis.


    Pro-confort patented horse boots and blankets have been designed by veterinary doctors and professional riders. Our orthopaedic equipment for horses is tested by top level riders, saddlery specialists and equestrian sport technicians. Our products are supported and endorsed by renowned professionals:
    • EquiTom Equine Clinic
    • Dr. Kuno-Alexander Von Plocki’s clinic
    • Pius Schwizer team
    • AREDA Veterinary Clinic Dr. David Aebischer
    • Veterinary clinic Pferdeklinik Neugraben
    • Camille Conde Ferreira stable
    • Stable JUMP Z
    • Stall Jack Dodd
    • Jessy Putallaz
    • Kevin Staut
    • Emmers Equestrian and  many more 


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