Therapeutic Summer Blanket

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Created by Pro-Confort, this breathable summer blanket eliminates harmful pressures on the supraspinatus, nuchalis, nuchal funiculus, and multiple nerve endings thanks to an ultra-advanced foam application system incorporated in the Horse rug. It also improves the oxygenation of the blood flow of the thoracic trapezoids during the resting phase, providing relaxation along the entire dorsal line.

Easy to put in place, it was created in order not to slip and reduce the harmful pressures.


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Therapeutic Summer Blanket for horses

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Therapeutic Summer Blanket for horses

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Therapeutic Summer Blanket for horses

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Therapeutic Summer Blanket for horses

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Learn more about our therapeutic summer blanket

Tired of cut mane and damaging pressure points due to blankets moving back during the winter season! FINISHED with our therapeutic summer blanket ! Our horses spend more than 18 hours of their time head down.

Studies on 40 horses showed that 32 of them had between 1 and 4 kg pressure on the withers reducing blood supply and exerting damaging pressure points to the nervous system, thoracic vertebra, Nuchal Funiculus as well as the supraspinous Ligament. causing unnecessary stress on an area that demands proper care due to the stress of the saddle and tension that often radiates towards other essential parts of the body.

Pro-Confort foam placed in a casing protruding between the horse and the blanket and not sandwiched inside the blanket. The cover lining itself, provides softness and thickness that can be compressed but resumes its shape once released. This is not a memory foam !! As for the Pro-Confort Topaze stable bandages, these blankets have been validated and sold by veterinarians and Olympic riders from several disciplines that have the desire to maximize the well-being and recovery of high-level sports horses.

Easy to put in place, it was created in order not to slip and reduce the harmful pressures.

Identified Problems

  • Your horse spends 70% of the time the neck in extension. With a standard blanket, your horse supports 1 to 4 kg on the supraspinous ligaments in its rest phase.
  • The nerves around the thoracic vertebrae are exacerbated by negative pressure points of the blanket.
  • The blood flow is not optimal, the trapezius does not relax and the cervical vertebrae and the nervous system receive harmful tensions.
  • After the winter period, we see that all the horses have a wear at the withers, horsehair damaged and cut due to this problem. Not to mention that the horse at rest is supposed to be as comfortable as possible after all the tensions and pressures that the saddle, the strap, and the other accessories make on this one during the work, and this in all the disciplines.

Solutions provided by Pro-Confort

  • To avoid these damaging pressure points, Pro-Confort has created and patented a unique blanket involving a waved shaped foam, airy, light and antibacterial which starts from the wither and continues down the shoulder. The innovative element in this rug is also removable.
  • Pro-Confort foam placed in an envelope protruding between the horse and the blanket and not sandwiched inside. The cover lining itself provides softness and thickness that can be compressed but resumes its shape once released. This is not a memory foam!
  • These blankets have been validated by a veterinarian team and professionals from several disciplines that have the desire to maximize the well-being of high-level sports horses.
  • The unique perforated and air mixture within the foam provides just enough heat to soothe the shoulders and withers area and improves blood circulation. Two zippers placed on the outside of the blanket allows for quick removal of the foam before washing the blanket.

Many Technical Advantages of Therapeutic Summer Blanket

Tired of the blankets that always move back, you want to save time and be more efficient, Pro-Confort blanket is made for you! Its patented technology to bring comfort and promotes repairs of major body parts of your horses and guarantees comfort, better vascularisation and oxygenation of the soft tissues, alleviating unwanted pressure points and improving protection. Pro-Confort blanket will help horses with soars recuperate faster.

  • Thanks to this unique concept each movement, step the corrugated portion of the foam between the horse and its cover will create a massaging effect and stimulate blood circulation and muscle oxygenation.
  • Thanks to its many air cells the foam will play a role of a pump when the horse is moving, optimizing thermoregulation.
  • The foam will bring moderate vasodilatation (dilation of blood vessels) to optimize gas exchange. This facilitates the elimination of toxin such as lactic acid.
  • Helps muscle relaxation and facilitates recovery.
  • The foam will allow the blanket to stay a little forward on the withers as if the horse already has his neck down and will gradually compress so as not to damage it.
  • The foam is not in shape memory and will return to its original position.
  • It also prevents injury to the withers when the horse rolls.
  • The horsehair at the base of the neck does not break anymore.
  • Name tag to add the name of the horse, sponsor or owner to no longer confuse the rugs.
  • Better support thanks to crossed straps on the chest.
  • This rug can be worn with or without Pro-confort Foam.
  • Water repellent

Care of Therapeutic Summer Blanket

  • You can wash the rug as usual after removing the foam at 30°C
  • Foam has to be washed by hand due to it’s high density of air mixture and perforations within.
  • We recommend to not twist the foam and let it dry in open air.
  • Fast drying

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