Techno-Pro Therapeutic Exercise Blanket

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Discover our new 3 D Therapeutic Exercise blanket TECHNO-PRO!

Innovation Pro-Confort 2019!!!

This Therapeutic blanket is unique with multiples uses such as a fast heating, but remains breathable along with its massaging effect on the horse’s back thanks to its 21 massage points.

This TECHNO-PRO exercise blanket, unique in the world, contains a removable part affixed to the back of your horse, including 21 friction heating points and massage balls.

Provides relaxation in the warm-up phase and reduces it.

The massage pad can be easily removed and fixed by means of a snap button. The Techno-Pro Exercise blanket provides warmth on the dorsal lumbar area to keep the back of your horse warm but also providing air circulation to prevent overheating and perspiration of the horse.

Recommended and used by equine veterinarians and best riders worldwide!


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Pad de massage chauffant amovible

Les canaux d’air sont placés entre les boules de massage
Rip-Stop 1200 D déperlant
Lycra et polyester respirant non abrasif
21 points de massage

Adding technology to your warm-up

Our therapeutic exercise blanket sheet TECHNO-PRO contains a removable accessory that allows 21 softballs to not only massage but also bring heat to the Lombard area of your horse during exercise click here

The strengths of our Techno-Pro therapeutic exercise blanket

1- Massaging effect by friction over the back.

2- 21 heat generating balls, by friction.

3- 21 soft pressure points all over the back.

4- Air channels between each massaging ball allowing for proper airflow in order to avoid perspiration.

5- Non abrasive removable and washable ball pad.

6- Water repellent out-shell polyester 1200D lined with fleece.


Bring confort and optimize your workout with Pro-confort 3-D innovating exercise sheet.


  • Massage pad wash at 30°C
  • Exercise Blanket wash at 30°C
  • No Dryer

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg

135, 145, 155


Black / green, Black / white, Navy / white / red



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