Topaze Therapeutic Stable Boots – Pack front & hind legs

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The new generation of stable boots has arrived.  Topaze Therapeutic stable boots and ligament support by Pro-Confort improves the recovery phase of the limbs as well as the ligament support. Developed for horses trained in high-level competition, in all disciplines of the equestrian sport but also in the treatment of member’s pathologies.

Used and recommended by veterinary Doctors worldwide click here


  • Support for tendons and ligaments
  • Even distribution of pressure no blockage of the joints (See Video)
  • Temperature regulation
  • Reduces risks of over tightening
  • Stimulation of blood oxygenation

Topaze Stable Boots is patented Click here for video

  • Pony
  • Horse
  • Black
  • Navy
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Supports ligamentaires topaze Pro-Confort Horsewear
Maintiennent tendons et ligaments

Ligament support Topaze stable boots

Répartissent uniformément la pression

Ligament support Topaze stable boots

Régulent la température et stimulent l’oxygénation sanguine

stable boots for horses

Pas de risque de garrot

Ligament support Topaze stable boots

Mousse naturelle, micro-perforée, vaguée, antibactérienne et anti-acariens, Matériau sans mémoire de forme.

stable boots for horses

Mettre une bande de repos autour de la Topaze pour un meilleur maintien

stable boots for horses

Characteristics of the ligament support topaze stable boots

  • Reduced swelling of the horse’s limb
  • Accelerated recovery for the horse
  • Prevention of perspiration, a frequent cause of bacterial infections
  • Prevention of risks of serious injury; no tightness that cuts off blood flow


  • Warm up on a treadmill
  • Before and after intense exercise
  • During immobilization
  • As a complement for medical treatment, to facilitate ointment penetration or following  injections of the joints
  • Support for the healing process of tendinitis or after surgery
  • During road or air transport

Advantages of the ligament support topaze stable boots

  • Natural, micro-perforated, ribbed, anti-bacterial, anti-mite foam
  • Material with no shape memory, uncrushable, and ensuring  elimination of the effects of friction and damaging blockage of the joints
  • Pro-confort horse boots are applied directly to the limb, with or without additional compression bandages
  • Excellent grip
  • Easy and quick to put in place
  • No more application of chemicals or clay needed


  • Cover suitable for machine wash at 30°C
  • Foam suitable for hand washing
  • Quick drying

Ligament support Topaze stable boots for horses improve the recovery phase of limbs and their support.

Also sold individually

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Pony, Horse



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