Our Story

Pro-Confort is committed to the elite of the international equestrian scene, in all disciplines of excellence riding: jumping, dressage, driving, cross country, polo, racing … Our riding equipment range goes hand in hand with the prowess of titled champions or promising athletes. To ensure that the man and the horse deliver the best of themselves, Pro-Confort develops unique, patented orthopedic saddlery equipment for horses.click here for video

Specialist in biomechanics for equines with the collaboration of renowned veterinarians and equine behaviorist; Pro-Confort has been through many years of research along with a medical approach, to develop innovative products revolutionizing the comfort of your horses.

Pro-Confort products are designed to improve the recovery of the horse after an intense effort and ensure the comfort of the horse in its resting phase or convalescent.

The innovation of Pro-Confort is reflected in the behavioral analysis of the horse and the adapted solutions supply for all the problems observed. The design and the insertion of the foam were the finalization of two projects, allowing the realization of two innovative products, unique on the market, which allowed Pro-Confort to be the pioneers in orthopedic blankets and ligament supports.

Deborah Duquesne Zahid Pro-Confort Horsewear équipement pour chevaux equipment for horses
Tamara Zahid Pro-Confort Horsewear équipement pour chevaux
Océane Vanhoutte Pro-Confort Horsewear équipement pour chevaux