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Approved and tested by the Veterinarians, Dr. Von Plocki. testifies and shares with us his observations on Pro-Confort products

“After being asked to asses the Protections and blankets Pro-confort I would like to convey my observations.

I have observed during the last twenty years as international vet surgeon and sports medicine and also German- team -vet for show- jumping for some years,many problems and skin reactions like painful swelling, skin scars, even tendon defects, lymph swelling, skin infection till necrotic areas of the appendage.

Many horses where sound and without problems in their horse box or trailers and after a long journey, flight or long cruise distance they still sustained injuries, and severe swellings or even lameness at their arrival at the show grounds.

The main reasons for all this „pictures“ are incorrectly or unprofessional handling of leggings, bandages which are to tight or become wet during transportation.

Another reason is that sometimes the bandages slide down and the horse stands on them and strangles its own leg.Very often the blood supply and blood circulation is disturbed or even interrupted. Proper blood flow and continuous circulation of the cardiovascular system is crucial. This system ensures that during rest and transport ,evacuation and regulation of oxygen (O2) , carbon dioxide (CO2) is adequate.

The protections insure that the body maintains cell-level metabolism, osmotic pressure and regulates nutrients, hormones and metabolic wastes.

One of the main tasks of this cardiovascular system is the regulation of body temperature and the protection from microbiological and mechanical harms.

When force is applied to a material or biological systemic it starts to deform or move. As the force needed to deform a material or to make fluid flow increase with the size of the surface of the material. The magnitude of this force is proportional to the area of the portion of the surface.

This is the definition for stress and bad compression influences a so called shear stress at the wall of arteries . Stress caused by wrong taping, bandaging or unprofessional application of bandages or wrapping leads in consequence to hemodynamic disturbances.

In some cases due to blood hammer, shear stress reaches larger values with frightening results.

The limbs of the horse are structures made of dozens of bones , joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the weight of the equine body.

They include two systems : the suspensory apparatus, which carries much of the weight, prevents over extension of the joint and absorbs shocks, and the stay apparatus, which locks major joints in the limb, allowing horses to remain standing while relaxed or sleep. The hooves are also important structures, providing support, traction and shock absorption, and containing structures which provide blood flow through the lower leg.

As the horse developed as a cursorial animal, with a primary defence mechanism of running over hard ground, its legs evolved to the long, sturdy, light weight, one-toed form seen today.

Structural defects, disturbances of blood circulation can force problems in the horse legs like infections, injuries or swelling without lameness or quite serious problems with lameness.

The products developed by Deborah Duquesne Zahid help to avoid the mentioned problems.

  • Technical foam, light , breathable allows the limb to heat legs temperature physiological without overheating . Due to special perforations and air mixture in the foam no sweating occurs.
  • The foam is also antibacterial which allows to use protections also for veterinarian aspects like leggings after arthroscopic surgery
  • The special shape of the foam allows an un-even leg to be raped and still applies even distribution of pressure all over the leg without creating shear stress which can reduce the blood circulation.

Harming nervous system caused by uneven local compression is not possible any more because with these new protection system.

It reduces swelling, overheating, protect horses that have scars, sutures, tendinitis, fungal infection,swelling with or without bandages over pads.

After hard work like jumping it allows the grooms to apply optimum support easily without the risk of over tightening the bandage and reducing the vascularisation of the limb.

As for the blankets:

Horses are spending 18 hours a day to look and search for nutrition . Therefore 70% of the time the head is down. The problems with most blankets in the market is the pressure they cause to the shoulder and withers and spine of a horse.The muscles become stressed, the blood circulation is disturbed and in consequence the blankets harms more than they protect !

The foam system of the “new Pro-confort blanket“ allows a better blood flow, relaxed muscles of chest, shoulder and withers .It also prevents broken hairs with rubbing blankets and scars or even skin lesions of the withers.

The range of horses motion is not limited any more. The shoulder can be flexed or moved without compression. The foam even makes a smooth massage of these areas of the horse.

As a sports medicine veterinarian with experience for decades I can recommend these products.”

Dr. Kuno-Alexander von Plocki


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